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What Our Clients Have To Say?

amna naeem
amna naeem
Amazing people to travel with, best services to get you to places. I will surely travel with them again
Amir Raza
Amir Raza
5 days trip to hunza its beautiful journey and so amazing memories really love it and thank you so much
wasay abdul
wasay abdul
We went on 3 days swat-kalam-malam Jabba tour with Nature hike Pakistan. It was a great trip. Also see reviews from my daughter and wife. Thanks for organising the trip. Special thanks to Ilyas for making the itinerary go smoothly as per planned. Thanks for your consideration of my parents age, they were given comfortable seats and the whole journey was comfortable. We had a great time and a lovely company. Insha Allah looking forward to go on more trips with your company (Abdul wasay's daughter) Hi Neha It was a very organised and well planned trip. All the arrangments regarding tranport , meal and hoteling was very comfortable (specially me n my husband as a seniors) . Thanx ..will plan again...wish you best of luck for more success for you n your team. Mrs Wasay
MAli Jatt366
MAli Jatt366
Excellent Experience
khazina ishaq
khazina ishaq
Naturehikepakistan provide amazing services Thier management is very polite and cooperative. A lovely trip that I can never forget.
Ali Nawaz
Ali Nawaz
The best decision have been ever made by myself By choosing Nature hike Pakistan For my vacation m glad that Neha took care Of everything personally. From pick up from my home to the best hotels in town confident rider and a comfortable car beautiful view n verity of shopping options And a relax journey. 5 hotels 21 view points the most beautiful ever. There are pre-planned packages and customised Options. Haste free and exceptional customer service. I had really enjoyed my time. Contact Neha and chose your package.
Huzaifa Nisar
Huzaifa Nisar
Great experience . I am alone in this trip without any knowing person with me the tour guide is very friendly and cooperative.
Jalil Jamil
Jalil Jamil
Good services and cooperative team. Had fun.

All About Pakistan Tour Packages

Pakistan Tour Packages 2024

We at NatureHikePakistan.pk, one of the most dedicated Pakistan Tour Agency, welcome you to the land of hospitality, diverse landscapes, high mountains, forests, grassy lands, deserts, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, coastal areas, cities, culture, numerous cuisines, all seasons, and whatnot. Pakistan Tours is a complete package. As the Pakistan Tour and Travel industry is growing rapidly, it is the need of time to devise the best possible packages to facilitate our tourists. Our Pakistan Tour Packages 2024 have been designed to assist you in making the most out of your trip, focusing specifically on every budget and interest. So plan your Best Pakistan Tour Packages with NatureHikePakistan.pk to get what your heart desires.

Northern Areas of Pakistan are blessed with the finest in the entire world. From the world’s 2nd largest mountain peak, the K2 (Godwin Austen), to the unique Cold Deserts in Skardu, sparkling waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and rivers, elusive animals, rare minerals, beneficial herbs, unique gems, lush green meadows, dense forests, rich history tracing back to Alexander the Great, Buddhism, and Hinduism have their roots in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. It would be incomplete without the mention of the 2nd highest Plateaus in the world, the Deosai Plains. It is the place where the three highest mountain ranges of Himalaya, Karakoram, and the Hindu Kush meet.

The people of Northern Pakistan are exceptionally welcoming and attached to their roots and vibrant culture. They are inherently one of the best craftsmen in the world, which is evident through their centuries-old forts and other prominent buildings, their household items, and their decorative handicraft objects. Indeed, the supremacy of Northern Pakistan can never be ignored.

Customized Travel Packages of Pakistan

Every customer is different. Some people want a relaxing trip to calm and quiet destinations, some want to visit the local areas and meet the local community, some need an adventurous escape to the wildest places, some want to have the best food and culinary experience, some need to have the most Instagrammable content, while some want to have their pockets filled with the cultural richness, some need the luxury, and some require it to be pocket-friendly. We understand that people have their preferences, likes or dislikes. For this reason, we have introduced our Customized Tour Packages to Pakistan for our unique and special clients. These Pakistan Tour Packages can be tailor-made to your requirements with our expert guidance. You can contact us with your requirements, and we will do the rest.

List of Pakistan Tour and Travel Packages

Are you looking for where to spend your next holidays in Pakistan? Get your Best Tour Packages for Pakistan in 2024 with just a call or even a WhatsApp message. We specialize in both Cheap Tour Packages in Pakistan and Luxury Pakistan Tour Packages so that you have the exact experience that you are expecting from us as a Professional Pakistan Tour Company. You can choose your accommodations, desired destinations, restaurants to dine in at, comfortable transportation, and much more. Here is the list of the Pakistan Norther Areas Tour Packages and the Most Popular Destinations in Pakistan:

Are you still trying to figure out? Contact Us and our expert Pakistan Tour Guide will help you decide on your perfect itinerary and plan your trip. We have the best Pakistan Tour Packages from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

How to Plan Your Customized Pakistan Tour Packages?

Ping us with the following details:

  • Your desired destinations: (e.g., Hunza, Skardu, and Naran Kaghan, etc.)
  • Total number of days and dates of your trip: (e.g., 10 days and 14th March)
  • Total number of persons on the trip: (e.g., Ten Adults, and two kids of age 2 & 4 years)
  • Preferred vehicle for your trip: (e.g., Sedan, Van, or Coaster)
  • And your pure expectations from the trip: (e.g. I need relaxing Family Tour Packages in Pakistan to destinations where we can bond with each other.)

We will guide you further in planning your perfect Pakistan Tour Packages. Contact Us. Our team is dedicated to bringing all the information together and curating the best plans for you.

For your convenience, we have created a Customize My Trip Form that you can fill out to provide us with all the information we need to make your perfect plan.

What is the Best Time to Visit Pakistan?

Pakistan is blessed with all four seasons, and every season has its essence. While summers are sweltering in the southern part of the country, winters are very pleasant. On the other hand, winters in the northern part of the country are very harsh, while summers are comparatively quite welcoming with moderate temperatures. So, the best time to visit Pakistan entirely depends on the time of your visit or what you are seeking during your Pakistan Tour

Hunza Valley is accessible throughout the year, and the best time to visit Hunza Valley is from May to October, during the summer and autumn seasons. Autumn is the time when every leaf itself surpasses the beauty of a flower in Hunza Valley, as the colors of Autumn scatter around the valley. A considerable number of tourists around the world visit the Cherry Blossom season in Hunza Valley when there are millions of white, pink, and purple flowers growing on the trees around the valley. It starts from March till April.

The best time to visit Skardu Valley is during the summer months of June to September when the weather is mild and the snow has melted. Cherry Blossom in Skardu Valley covers the valley with beautiful white, pink, yellow, and purple flowers with the arrival of the Spring season. Autumn in Skardu Valley is another season that is desired in the valley. Skardu is a winter heaven; nowhere would you see snow-covered dunes. This site is witnessed only in Skardu at the Sarfaranga Cold Desert.

The best time to visit Neelum Valley is during summer, from May to July, when the weather is pleasant, and the views are clear. August brings the monsoon, so you can witness cloudy skies and freshly washed green fields covered with wildflowers. September brings heavy rainfall, and it is advised to travel with all the precautions during this time. December welcomes winter in the valley, and all gets covered in white for the coming months.

The best time to visit Naran Kaghan is from June to September. The summer is quite pleasant, and the weather remains mild and cold with a few rain showers, which increase during the monsoon season. In winter, Naran receives heavy snowfall and remains closed to tourists. During winter, many tourists only go up to Shogran and other lower parts of Kaghan Valley.

Kalam Swat Valley is the best destination for Pakistan winter tour packages and remains accessible for tourists throughout the year. The upper parts of Swat Valley close down in winter due to heavy snow and glaciers. The best time to visit Kalam Swat is during the summer months, from June to August.

Murree and Galiyat remain accessible throughout the year except for some extreme winter days when snow blocks the roads completely. If you want to witness snowfall in winter, Murree and Galiyat are the most easily accessible destinations in Pakistan. Whereas in summer, Murree and Galiyat receive mild rains, which increase in monsoon, and the weather remains pleasant and cloudy throughout the year. The best time to visit Murree is during summer.

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