Swat Tour Packages

Swat Valley is also known as the Switzerland of Pakistan because of the wondrous natural beauty of the region. We at NatureHikePakistan.pk are here to help you explore this region at the highest potential by designing some well-researched Swat Kalam Tour Packages 2024 for you. These plans are made to help you enjoy a stress-free, luxurious, and adventurous experience.

Customized Swat Tour Packages 2023

These Tour Packages to Swat Kalam can be custom-built for you to have the experience you expect from us as professional Tour Operators in Pakistan. You can choose from the list below or customize your Swat Kalam Tours according to your requirements.
mahudand a-min
4 Days Kalam, Mahodand Lake, and Desan Meadows Tour
mahudand lake f-min
5 Days Malam Jabba, Kalam and Blue Water Swat Tour
desan meadows a-min
5 Days Malam Jabba, Kalam and Desan Top Swat Tour
mahudand lake-min
6 Days Kalam, Malam Jabba, Swat to Kumrat Valley Tour
kalam valley night-min
6 Days Kumrat Valley to Kalam, Malam Jabba, Swat Tour
mahudand lake c-min
10 Days Malam Jabba, Kalam, and Hunza Valley Tour
mahudand a-min
4 Days Kalam, Mahodand Lake, and Desan Meadows Tour
mahudand lake f-min
5 Days Malam Jabba, Kalam and Blue Water Swat Tour
desan meadows a-min
5 Days Malam Jabba, Kalam and Desan Top Swat Tour
mahudand lake-min
6 Days Kalam, Malam Jabba, Swat to Kumrat Valley Tour
kalam valley night-min
6 Days Kumrat Valley to Kalam, Malam Jabba, Swat Tour
mahudand lake c-min
10 Days Malam Jabba, Kalam, and Hunza Valley Tour

Public Swat Kalam Tour Packages 2023

NatureHikePakistan.pk these tour packages to Swat Kalam Valley throughout the year. You can join them as per your schedule, individually or with your group. Here are the Swat Kalam Valley Tours that you can choose from:
malam jabba b-min
3 Days Malam Jabba, Kalam Swat Tour
malam jabba-min
2 Days Malam Jabba Swat Tour
malam jabba b-min
3 Days Malam Jabba, Kalam Swat Tour
malam jabba-min
2 Days Malam Jabba Swat Tour

Client Category of Customized Swat Tours:

  • Swat Couple Tours / Honeymoon Tour Packages are designed to help the newlyweds cherish the new life together with all the luxury and solitude, surrounded by the beautiful nature.
  • Swat Family Tour Packages re designed to ensure a fun, luxurious, and secure environment for your loved ones to intensify the blood bond and acquire memories for a lifetime.
  • Swat Students Tours / Friends Group Tour Packages are designed to have all the fun, engaging activities and games for laughing together, dancing together, and, more importantly, exploring the adventurous destinations together without the hassle of planning all the bits of the tour. You only have to decide what to pack for that memorable tour with your besties.
  • Swat Corporate Groups Tour Packages are designed to create an environment for the employees to develop a closer connection with each other, enhance their potential for team building, and entertain themselves with nature outside their usual office environment.

We have

  • Swat Tour Packages from Lahore
  • Swat Tour Packages from Karachi
  • Swat Tour Packages from Islamabad

You can also customize these tours from other cities in Pakistan.

Most Popular Destinations and Attractions to Visit in Swat Valley:

Swat Valley is blessed with beautiful valleys, waterfalls, and lakes. We have created a list of some famous tourist places to visit in Swat Kalam and a little Swat Kalam Valley travel guide:

Kalam Valley

Kalam means Blue Water in the Pashto Language. It gained its name due to the valley's blue water lakes and streams. The Hindukush mountain range shadows Kalam Valley. It is a gateway to the upper valleys of Swat and Dir. Kalam offers excellent views of far-off high mountains like Falaksar Peak. There are many options for comfortable and luxurious accommodations in the valley, and the restaurants here offer delicious food and welcome tourists in both summer and winter.

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is located northwest of Mingora City in Swat. The road to Malam Jabba starts from Manglor or Manglawar town, which is almost a 1-2 hour journey to the top from Mingora. It is a hilltop Skiing resort. The winter adventure sports in Malam Jabba happen during winters when the Ski slope is covered in snow. Other activities like chair lift and zip lining are also available. There are several hotels at Malam Jabba and on the road from Manglor to the top.

Ushu Forest (Ushu Valley)

Ushu Forest (Ushu Valley) is almost 8 km northeast of Kalam. One can reach this densely covered Deodar forest using any vehicle. There are a few tuck shops, hotels, campsites, and restaurants along the way to entertain visitors.

Matiltan Waterfall and Chashma-e-Shifa

Traveling on the Ushu road leads us to Matiltan Village, located in Matiltan Valley at 9,603 ft. The main attractions in this valley are the Matiltan Waterfall and the Kalam Glacier, which forms only in winter. There are also some options for hotels and restaurants in the area.
Chashma-e-Shifa, the next location after Matiltan, is Chashma-e-Shifa (Healing Fountain), which is believed to have natural healing properties for any illness. This may be because of the minerals in the water or because the locals have made up stories to attract the tourists, God knows better.

Mahudand Lake

Mahudand Lake, the major attraction of the valley, is a glacial lake formed by the melting waters from the high mountains of the Hindukush Range. This lake is like a river but broader, denser, and calmer. This lake only welcomes tourists in the summer and remains closed in the winter due to heavy snowfall. The Kalam Glacier blocks the road completely. There are several tuck shops and restaurants around the lake. The meadows around the lake offer a perfect location for campers as well.

Saifullah Lake

Traveling further into the Ushu Valley presents us with another lake: Saifullah Lake. It takes almost 30-45 minutes from Mahudand Lake to reach Saifullah Lake on foot, or you can also use any 4x4 vehicle.

Desan Meadows

Desan Meadows is located near Kalam Valley. You can hire a jeep from Kalam to take you to the Desan Meadows, which can also be accessed from Utror Valley. It is a lush green meadow, giving you aerial views of the surrounding valleys and the heavenly view of Godar Lake. Godar Lake, Dararo Lake, and Zahro Lake are in Desan meadows.

Green Top

Green Top, or Kalam View Point, has recently gained interest among tourists due to its easy access and mesmerizing views. Green Top provides an aerial view of the Kalam Valley. It is almost 5 km from Kalam. It can be accessed using jeeps, or many people like to hike up to the top. There is a small village at the top, known as Boyun Village, home to a few locals of Swat. This village offers lush green surroundings during the summer.

Utror Valley

Utror Valley (also Utrar or Atror), located northwest of Swat Valley, is like a center point or base camp for many less explored valleys of Swat KPK, like Gabral Valley, Kumrat Valley, Bhan Valley, and Kalam Valley. Lakes like Kundol Lake, Spinkhwar (Spinkhor) Lake, and the twin lakes of Pari and Paristan Lakes are located south of this valley.

Gabral Valley

Gabral Valley, located northwest of Swat Valley and Utror Valley, touches the foothills of the Himalayas. Going deep into the valley leads us to Chota Banda Meadows and Shahi Bagh. Gabral Valley is another heaven for tourists.

Blue Water Kalam Swat

Blue Water is almost 12-15 km from Kalam Bazaar. It is accessible by jeeps and takes nearly 2 hours from Kalam. Blue Water Point is a summer destination. It became famous when the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan, visited this place.

Badgoi Pass

Badgoi is a mountain pass between Kalam and Upper Dir District, landing in Thal in Upper Dir. It is located on Utror-Dir road. Hawa ka Darra and Dasht-e-Laila tops are the two heavenly places located on this road. You can hire a jeep from Kalam, Kumrat, or Thal. It takes almost 4 to 5 hours to cover the distance between Kalam and Thal.

Shangla Top

Shangla Top is a breathtaking hilltop destination in Swat Valley. It is almost 20 kilometers from Khwazakhela City in Swat and is located on the N90 Highway, which connects Kohistan with Swat Valley. There are several economical and luxury hotels available here. The best time to visit Shangla Top is during Spring ad Summer.

Khwazakhela to Besham Route

The N90 Highway connects Swat with Kohistan, starting from Khwazakhela City in Swat and ending at Besham City in Kohistan. This highway is almost 65-70 km long. Traders and tourists mostly use it.


Bahrain is located on the Chakdara Kalam highway at the confluence of the Daral and Swat Rivers. It used to be a beautiful tourist destination, with many hotels and a market, but the town of Bahrain was severely affected by the recent floods of 2022. One can also reach the Dara and Sidgai Lakes from Bahrain.

Swat River

The biggest tributaries of the Swat River are the Gabral, Utror, and Ushu Rivers. The Gabral, Ushu, and Utror Rivers are formed by the glacial waters of the Hindukush Mountains. This river travels throughout the Swat Valley, gets joined by the Panjkora River, and finally falls into Peshawar.

Swat Expressway

Swat Highway or N95 Highway, also known as the Chakdara-Kalam Highway, begins at the Chakdara City of Swat and ends at Kalam. This highway was completed in 2019. This highway has helped boost tourism in the area.

White Palace Swat

White Palace was built in 1940 by the ruler (Wali) of Swat Valley at Marghazar, situated about 13 kilometers away from Saidu Sharif (capital of Swat). This place is now converted into a hotel that welcomes guests annually.

Alongside natural beauty, Swat also has many historical sites. It has attracted many archeologists worldwide due to its historical importance. There are around 400 Buddhist historical sites in the valley, including Buddhist stupas and rock carvings of Buddha.

Some other historical and archeological sites in Swat Valley are as follows:

  • Mehmood Ghaznavi Masjid 
  • Oba Ghat and Khazana Ghat Rock Carving 
  • Dune of Barikot
  • Ram Takht at Mount Elum
  • Panr Jambil Khwar Archaeology
  • Jehanabad Buddha Statue
  • Tokar Dara Najigram Stupa and Monastery
  • Amluk Dara Stupa
  • Shingardar Stupa
  • Gumbatona Stupa
  • Ghaligay Buddha Statue and Archaeological Remains
  • Shahkot Pass Elephant Paw and Queen’s Throne
  • Nemogram Stupa and Monastery
  • Butkara I Stupa and Archaeological Remains
  • Butkara II Stupa and Archaeological Remains

(Source: https://www.waadiswat.com)

Culture of Swat Valley: 

The people of Kalam Swat Valley are known for their rich culture. Both men and women take part in the making of their hand-woven fabrics, embroidery, and carpets. These people are also blessed with wood carving talent; their furniture and strong wood are famous worldwide. They also specialize in producing uniquely designed ornamental jewelry.

The Economy of Kalam Swat Valley:

The economy of Kalam Swat Valley is primarily based on agriculture, tourism, and small-scale industries. The valley produces yummy apples, apricots, and potatoes.

Educational in Kalam Swat Valley:

Several educational institutions in Kalam Swat Valley include primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities. The University of Swat, located in the nearby city of Mingora, also serves the students of Kalam Swat Valley.

Things to do in Kalam Swat


at Mahudand Lake


at Malam Jabba Ski Resort

Zip Lining

at Malam Jabba Resort and Mahudand Lake


at Malam Jabba Ski Resort

Jeep Safari

at Ushu Valley


Yes, Kalam Swat Valley is accessible by road. From Islamabad, enter onto the Islamabad-Peshawar motorway (M-1), leave M-1 at Kernal Sher Khan Interchange, and move towards Swat Motorway (M-16). Swat Motorway end at Chakdara Interchange, take the right turn to the N-95 Chakdara Kalam highway, and it will take you to Mingora Swat and further into the Kalam and Upper Swat Valley.

Kalam Swat Valley remains open for tourists throughout the year, offering heavenly beauty in all the seasons. The upper Swat Valley closes in winter due to heavy snow and glaciers.

There are several healthcare facilities in Kalam Swat Valley, including government-run hospitals and clinics, as well as private clinics and hospitals. However, the quality of healthcare in the valley could be better in the urban areas of Pakistan.

There have been security concerns in Kalam Swat Valley due to insurgency and terrorism, but the situation has improved greatly in recent years due to the efforts of the Pakistan military, government, and the local people.

Public transportation, including buses and vans, is available in Kalam Swat Valley.

Yes, there are several accommodation options available in Kalam Swat Valley, including hotels, resorts, motels, glamps, guesthouses, and camping sites. However, the facilities may be limited, and it is recommended to book in advance, especially during peak tourist season.

Kalam Swat Valley offers adventure activities like trekking, hiking, rock climbing, ice-skiing, zip-lining, and fishing in Mahodand lake. Also, the valley is home to several mountains and glaciers, making it an ideal destination for mountaineers. This valley attracts tourists from around the world in winter for Snow Skiing at the renowned Malam Jabba Ski resort.

The climate of Kalam Swat Valley varies depending on the altitude and season. During summer, the valley is warm, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius. The temperature can drop to below freezing in the winter, and snowfall is common. 

Kalam Swat Valley is home to several religious sites, including the oldest mosque in northern areas of Pakistan, known as the Mehmood Ghaznavi Masjid, the Temple of Hindu gods, and the shrines of Sufi saints. The valley is also home to several Buddhist stupas and monasteries, which are believed to date back to the Gandhara civilization.

Kalam Swat Valley is home to several bazaars and markets, where visitors can find a wide range of local handicrafts, souvenirs, and traditional clothing. The most famous bazaar is Kalam Bazaar, where visitors can find local handicrafts, traditional clothing, and food items.

There are several restaurants and cafes in Kalam Swat Valley where visitors can find local and international cuisine. However, the facilities may be limited, and checking the availability in advance is recommended.

In some areas, mobile network coverage in Kalam Swat Valley may be limited, but major mobile network providers have coverage there. It is recommended to check with your mobile service provider to confirm the coverage in the area you will visit.

Few ATMs and banks are available in Kalam Swat Valley, but they may be limited in some areas. It is recommended to carry sufficient cash or a credit card, as well as a backup option in case of any issues with banking facilities.

In some areas, Internet access in Kalam Swat Valley may be limited, but it is available in major towns and cities. 

Several tour operators offer packages to Kalam Swat Valley, including transportation, accommodation, and guided tours of the valley’s attractions. You can also check our upcoming tours page for all the details or contact us on the given details on the website.

Foreign visitors are welcome to visit Kalam Swat Valley. Foreign visitors must also have valid passports and visas to enter Pakistan. Registering with the nearest embassy or consulate upon arrival is also recommended.