Who we are?
Hi, I am Neha Tahir. I started this venture back in 2018 after gathering my experience for over 2 years and now a total of almost 7 years in this full of potential industry of Pakistan, the Tourism Industry, by the name of NatureHikePakistan.
This was also the year we met each other. The year where it all began, the backbreaking hard work, the sleepless nights, a rush to bring out professionally the best itineraries and the most adventurous trips.
I was blessed with an adventure loving family, where I started travelling even before I could walk, owing it all to my dear father - a wild traveler of 80s and 90s. Where on the other hand, I successfully inserted that virus of traveling in my husband as well.
And together with this team of wild travelers, we are committed to bring more sustainable and yet diverting tourism in Pakistan, a little part that we could adequately play and fulfil.

our Founders

Neha Tahir

Founder & CEO

Nouman Ali


Who are our clients?

You, yes people like You are our main clients. The basic categories of our clients are Corporate Groups (the ones that need some time out of their busy work life), we have served many Families on our trips (the ones where every age group can feel like same with the home-like facilities), how can we forget about the lovebirds? The Couples (the ones that need some calm out of the rest of the world), and the young ones, the groups of Students or Friends (the ones that have all the energy to enjoy the wilderness).  Whoever you are, we try to build up the best packages for you and always welcome you.

We also have Packaged Trips every week to various exciting destinations. Go check out our “Tours” section for that.


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