Kumrat Valley Tour Packages

Kumrat Valley is a perfect summer destination for raw adventure and nature lovers. It was discovered not long ago, so the valley’s beauty is still intact to a great extent. Kumrat Valley Tour Packages 2024 are made to help you enjoy a stress-free, luxurious, and adventurous experience surrounded by the raw beauty of the valley.

Kumrat Valley Customized Tour Packages 2024

These Kumrat Valley Tour Packages 2024 can be custom-built for you to have the experience you expect from us as professional Tour Operators in Pakistan. You can choose from the list below or customize your Kumrat Valley Tours according to your requirements.
badgoi passs
6 Days Kumrat, Badgoi Top, and Katora Lake Tour
8 Days Kalam, Kumrat, Jahazbanda, and Katora Lake Tour
6 Days Kumrat Valley to Kalam, Malam Jabba, Swat Tour
badgoi passs
6 Days Kumrat, Badgoi Top, and Katora Lake Tour
8 Days Kalam, Kumrat, Jahazbanda, and Katora Lake Tour
6 Days Kumrat Valley to Kalam, Malam Jabba, Swat Tour

Kumrat Valley Group Tour Packages 2024

NatureHikePakistan.pk organizes these Kumrat Valley Tour Packages throughout the year. You can join them as per your schedule, individually or with your group. Here are the Kumrat Tours that you can choose from:
kala chashma
4 Days Kumratl, JahazBanda, and Katora Lake Tour
kumrat valley-min
3 Days Kumrat Valley Tour
kala chashma
4 Days Kumrat, JahazBanda, and Katora Lake Tour
kumrat valley-min
3 Days Kumrat Valley Tour

Client Category of Customized Kumrat Valley Tours:

  • Kumrat Valley Couple / Honeymoon Tour Packages are designed to help the newlyweds cherish the new life together with all the luxury and solitude, surrounded by the beautiful nature.
  • Kumrat Valley Family Tour Packages are designed to ensure a fun, luxurious, and secure environment for your loved ones to intensify the blood bond and acquire memories for a lifetime.
  • Kumrat Valley Student / Friends Group Tour Packages are designed to have all the fun, engaging activities and games for laughing together, dancing together, and, more importantly, exploring the adventurous destinations together without the hassle of planning all the bits of the tour. You only have to decide what to pack for that memorable tour with your besties.
  • Kumrat Valley Corporate Groups / Business Tour Packages are designed to create an environment for the employees to develop a closer connection with each other, enhance their potential for team building, and entertain themselves with nature outside their usual office environment.

We have:

  • Kumrat Valley Tour Packages from Lahore
  • Kumrat Valley Tour Packages from Karachi
  • Kumrat Valley Tour Packages from Islamabad

You can also customize these tours from other cities in Pakistan.

Most Popular Destinations and Attractions to Visit in Kumrat Valley

We have made a list of some Kumrat Valley places to visit and a little Kumrat Valley travel guide. Some famous tourist places in Kumrat are:

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat is an almost 35 km long valley in the Upper Dir district of KPK Pakistan. The valley's thick forest and raw nature attracted many tourists over the past few years. It borders Chitral and Swat Valley. The Deodar forest, rocky mountains, crystal clear Panjkora river, massive waterfalls, and a few lakes in the valley are never to be missed in life.

Kumrat Waterfall

Kumrat waterfall is almost 12-13km from Thal town. It can be accessed on a 4x4 jeep. Kumrat Waterfall falls down a massive rocky mountain and becomes part of the Panjkora River. This waterfall can’t be seen directly from Kumrat Road, and one needs to do a little hike to see it. There are several hotels, campsites, and food stalls near the waterfall.

Jahaz Banda Meadows

You can travel to Jahaz Banda from Thal; hire a jeep here to travel to Takai Banda. It will take you 2-3 hours almost. From Takai Banda, one can trek to Jahaz Banda Meadows, a beginner-level trek that will take almost 2 - 3:00 hours to reach. Jahaz Banda Meadows further offers two treks to Kund Banda and Katora Lake.

Kund Banda Meadows and Jahaz Banda Waterfall

A steep downhill track from Jahaz Banda will take you to the Kund Banda Meadows, a kind of valley that you see in those calendars or postcards, and you silently dream of seeing it with your own eyes one day. The famous Snake Lake and Jahaz Banda Waterfall (or Kund Banda Waterfall) are located in Kund Banda with views of mighty mountains.

Katora Lake

Katora Lake is a gem of Kumrat Valley. It is a moderate-level trek, and it will be better if you have any prior trekking experience before doing this one. A 3-4 hour trek will lead you to the beautiful Katora Lake. On this trek, you will witness a small lake called Chota Katora Lake (also known as Jahaz Banda Lake).

Kala Chashma

Kala Chashma translates to Black Spring. It may be named Kala Chashma because of the dark color of the stones at the bottom of the spring, and as the water is crystal clear, it appears darker. It is almost 20 km from Thal Bazar.

Thal Bazar

Thal Bazar is almost 75km from Upper Dir. Thal can be considered a base to reach Kumrat, Jahaz Banda, and Badgoi Pas. You can hire jeeps with drivers from Thal to travel to these places. Three different jeep tracks from Thal take us to these three locations. There is a small market that can provide all sorts of necessities of life. There are several hotels and restaurants of basic categories at Thal.

Kumrat Forest

Kumrat Forest is a thick Deodar Forest in Kumrat Valley. It gives Kumrat that freshness and raw nature that attracts everyone towards it. Deforestation is the biggest threat to this forest; the government or higher authorities must address this problem to protect this gem of the country.

Panjkora River

Panjkora River flows throughout the Kumrat Valley. The misty river flowing through the dense forest of the valley will give you a burst of freshness. Most of the tourists come here to camp by the Panjkora River. Many tent hotels, food stalls, and campsites are built all along the river.

Dojanga Kumrat

Dojanga Kumrat is the next point after Kala Chashma. As you go deeper into the valley, it reveals its true gems. You can reach Dojanga by trekking further into the Kumrat Valley. A little wooden bridge will take you to the other side of the river at the Dojanga point and into the thicker part of Kumrat forest.

Badgoi Pass

Badgoi Pass is a mountain pass between Kalam in Swat Valley and Upper Dir District, landing in Thal or vice versa. It is located on Utror-Dir road. Hawa ka Darra and Dasht-e-Laila tops are located on this road. You can hire a jeep from Thal.

Jamia Masjid Thal Kumrat

The Jamia Masjid is located in the heart of Thal Bazaar Kumrat, on the bank of the River Panjkora. This Mosque holds historical importance in the region. It is said to be built during the mid 18th century. This two-story Mosque was constructed entirely using massive wooden planks without the help of any machines. The wood is beautifully carved and painted with vibrant colors.

Shahzore Lake

Shahzore Lake is located in Kumrat; you can start your trek from Dojanga, which will take you almost 5-7 hours to reach the lake. You can reach Dojanga by using a 4x4 jeep. The track after Dojanga is a rocky but pretty scenic one. It is a small glacial lake. We can witness Chitral Valley from the lake.

Thalo Pass

It is a mountain pass which connects Kumrat Valley with Chitral. This challenging 4-5 day trek leads to Thalo Pass (or Thallo Pass). You will witness Shahzore Lake, Bashqar Lake, and Yaghi Lake on the way to reach Chitral Valley.

Things to do in Kumrat Valley

Jeep Safari

to Takayi Top

Horse Riding

at Jahaz Banda Meadows


to Jahaz Banda, Katora Lake, and Kund Banda


Kumrat Forest


It is in the Upper Dir district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Take and exit from Swat Motorway from Chakdara interchange into National Highway 45 (Dir Road). Travelling on this road, you will come across Baab-e Kumrat; take the left turn, and this road will take you to the Kumrat Valley via Sheringal and Thal Bazaar. Kumrat is about 45 minute 4×4 drive from the Thal Bazaar on the bank of the Panjkora River.

The best time to visit this valley is in the summer, from May to September. During winter, the temperature drops a lot, and the snow blocks the roads to access the valley.

There are several campsites, tent/hut stays, and hotels in Kumrat valley where you can find accommodation. These accommodations in Kumrat provide various services, including both luxury and ones with only basic facilities.

Activities include hiking, trekking, camping, fishing, jeep safari, and horse riding. The passage of time and the increase in the tourist flow will boost the tourism activities in the valley.

Medical facilities in the valley are very basic or none. So, it is advised to bring your first-aid kit or any specific medications with you.

There are no outdoor markets in Kumrat Valley, but you can get all the necessary items from Thal Bazar.

By using the Badgoi Pass, which is a 4×4 jeep track starting from Thal and ending at Kalam in Swat Valley.

This valley is accessible by road from Upper Dir. Taxi or jeep service is available from the Dir bus terminal. You can reach Thal using all sorts of vehicles and hire a jeep from Thal to drop you at Kumrat. From Thal, Kumrat is almost 4-5 km away. You can also join our weekly packaged trips to Kumrat Valley in the summers, which are economical and hassle-free, and you can customize your trips with us.

The flavours of the surrounding regions heavily influence food in Kumrat Valley. In the restaurants, you will find traditional chicken or mutton karahi, bbq, chapli kabab, pulses (daal), and cooked vegetables. Breakfast option includes their local kulcha and paratha (made with maize flour) with omelette or chanay.

It can take around 7-9 hours from major cities like Islamabad and Peshawar. 

Mobile network coverage in Kumrat Valley is limited and patchy. Checking with your service provider before leaving for the valley is better.

No, there are no ATMs or banks. It is advised to bring enough cash for your trip.

Visiting is entirely safe, but it is always best to check the current security situation with local authorities before planning your trip.

The duration of your visit depends on your interests and the activities you plan to do, but most people spend around 2-4 days in the valley and move to farther valleys or return.